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Job description:

1. Develop new customers, maintain good business relationships with company partners, and fully tap customer demand for new products on this basis.
2. Actively explore various channels to obtain new customers according to the company's business model.
3. Have a mature customer base, be able to maintain old care and develop new customers, have the ability to work independently and cooperate with managers to manage team members.

1. College degree or above, major in International Trade and Business English.
2. Skilled in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate with customers without obstacles.
3. Familiar with foreign trade process is preferred.
4. Have participated in the exhibition experience.

2、Production supervisor

Job description:

1) To be responsible for the management of all product lines in the production department, manage and deploy the staff of the product line, and accomplish the production tasks with quality and quantity;
2) Supervise production personnel to operate strictly in accordance with process requirements and carry out standard production and assembly operations;
3) 5S management and maintenance of equipment and tooling;
4) Solve the simple problems in production, put forward suggestions to improve the production process, and constantly improve the production process;
5) Supervise and inspect all kinds of records filled in by employees;
6) To abide by the work flow, obey the leadership and complete other tasks assigned by superiors;


1) Education background: College degree or above;
2) Major: unlimited, hardware related majors are preferred;
3) Experience: 1 year or more experience in production management;
4) Skills: Familiar with the production process of hardware products, good at on-site management;
5) Others: strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, be sincere, honest, have a certain ability to resist pressure, abide by discipline and law.

Resume put E-mail:job@ceesohk.com