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Ceeso Carbide Knives

Source:This website |Time: 2019-04-16

Ceeso Carbide Knives, has been known in manufacturing of carbide knives and blades for eight years. With our high experience level we provide a full range of carbide knives and blades for many industries and companies in the worldwide.

We manufacture carbide knives and blades for Paper, Metal, Film and Foils, Textiles, Printing, Corrugated Cardboard, PCB, Tube and Pipe, Plastic, Wood, Converting, Cloth, Fibre, Rubber, Asbestos, Packaging, Tobacco, Nonwovens, Bookbinding, Lithium Battery and many other industries. Knives and Blades can be made from different types of material, according to our customers requirement.

1. Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives: for cutting Paper, Film, Foil, Corrugated Cardboard, Printing, Converting, 
    Cloth,Rubber, Asbestos and other industry. Cemented Solid Carbide Knives / Sintered Solid Carbide Knives. 
2. Tungsten Carbide Slitting Razor Blades: for slitting Paper, Film, Foil, Packaging and other industry. Including
     slotted razor blades, 3-holes razor blades, injector blades, carbide razor blades, three holes razor blades, three holes razor slitter blades, slotted razor slitter blades. 
3. Tobacco Knives: for cutting Cigareete Filter of Tabacco, tobacco industry.
4. Tungsten Carbide V Cut / V Cutter Blades: for cutting the material of PCB Board, such as FR1, FR2,FR3,FR4,
     FR5, CEM1, CEM2, CEM3. 
5. Corrugated Slitting / Slitter Knives / tungsten carbide razor slitter / tungsten carbide razor blades / tungsten carbide razor knives: for slitting Corrugated Cardboard, suitable for these slitter machine, such as BHS knives, Fosber knives, Agnati knives, Gopfert knives, Hsieh Hsu knives, Isowa knives, Marquip knives, MingWei knives, Mitsubishi, Peters, TCY, LMC, JingShan, Kaituo, Justu, K&H, J.S., Champion, Goettsch, Vatanmakeina, Latitude knives, Egypt knives, Fuli knives, Ned knives, Jialong knives, Oranda knives, Yueli knives, Piemme knives, Emba knives, Martin knives, Simon knives, Bobst knives and other brands. NC Slitter Scorer, Scorer Corrugator Slitter, Scorer Slitter, The quality of our carbide slitting knives is the same as valsider, quest7, corrflexo, tgw, zenith cutter, sharp corrugated, dessau, power tungsten.
6. Milling Knives and Carbide Inserts for Printing & Bookbinding Industry, such as Martini, Gammerler etc. muller martini carbide insert, TC insert for muller martini, roughing blades, saw notcher, milling knife for muller martini binders, carbide insert for bolero&corona, solid TC insert for kolbus, wohenberg, muller martini, Bottom knife for Rotashneider/RIMA/PPS, milling knife for Rotashneider, Top knife for RIMA/PPS. 
7. Carbide Inlay Bottom Bands for cutting Paper.
8. Carbide knives for cutting leather industry, such as Zund blades, Teseo blades, Comelz blades, Atom blades, Elitron blades, 
ESKO blades, Kongsberg blades, Ruizhou blades, Aoke blades, Iecho blades, Jingwei blades,Emma blades, Newbull blades, ITTA blades, zund router bits,esko router bits,kongsberg router bits, cnc router bits,Aristo blades,Multicam blades,Graphtec blades,Mimaki blades,Roland blades,milling router bits, 
Colex blades,Gerber blades,Lectra blades,Summa blades,Kuris blades. 

9. Carbide standard reversible knives and carbide blanks for profiling for wood industry. 
10. Diamond grinding wheels / stones, BHS diamond grinding stone, Fosber diamond grinding stone, Agnati diamond grinding stone, Hseih Hsu diamond grinding stone, Isowa diamond grinding stone, Marquip diamond grinding stone, Mingwei diamond grinding stone, Mitsubishi / MHI diamond grinding stone, Peters diamond grinding stone, Tcy diamond grinding stone, Justu diamond grinding stone, Kaituo diamond grinding stone, Champion diamond grinding stone, K&H diamond grinding stone, diamond grinding wheel.
11. Rotary slitter knives and shear blades for slitting and cutting metal industry. 
12. Chemical Fiber Blades for cutting chemical fiber industry / Staple Fibers / Staple Cutter Blades / Staple Cutting Blades / Fibers / Textile / Pentagon Blade. 
13. Carbide Rotary Trimmer Knives for Gammerler, Rota Schneider, Muller Martini, Rima. 
14. Carbide Straight Knives / Carbide Stator Knives / Carbide Rotor Knives / Carbide Bed Knives 
15. Solid Carbide Circular Knife / Solid Carbide Circular Knives for cutting Paper, Film, Foil and so on.
16. Solid Carbide Plate / Cemented Carbide Plate
17. Solid Carbide Strip / Cemented Carbide Strip
18. Solid Caride Rods / Cemented Carbide Rods
19. Solid Carbide Seal Rings / Cemented Carbide Mechanical Seal Rings